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Some Days Are Better Than Others

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

some days are better than others

Ever have one of those days? You know the kind I am talking about. Some days are just rough.

You know, the putting one foot in front of the other times. A bad day at the office, your health, family matters, and more can quickly send you to a place that is NOT happy.

Other times you have the best-est day ever and you are floating on top of the world. You want to share your joy with everyone around you.

Why is there such a contrast?

That is life. The ups and downs of being human.

Here at Heartstring Productions Books, we create books, journals, and coloring books for both sides of life.

Healing Art Therapy for the Cancer Soul is for those on the Big C journey and their family and friends. A little snuggle coloring book hug. You can color during treatments or at home. Each page is created to be supportive.

Flip Your Mermaid Tail is a journal, coloring book, and doodle pages tied into one easy-to-carry book. Great for the beach OR imagining you are at the beach. Either way, just flip your mermaid tail and enjoy the light side of life. We also have Mermaid in a cancer support version as well.

One of our favorites, purchased by many, is Love, Hope, Strength and Beauty. It is healing art therapy, an anti-stress activity, empowering, and a creative outlet made for those who enjoy an inspirational coloring book, Positive quotes coloring book, Christian coloring, and Flower coloring book for adults. Inside are beautiful pages of scriptures, positive affirmations, and inspiration for the soul with words of encouragement from author Marcia McGee Ashford and illustrations by extraordinary artist Mary Navarro.

Our goal?

To create books for you and yours. We understand some days will be better than others and have books, coloring books, and journals ready for you. Heartstring Productions Books with Heart and Art!

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