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Heartstring Productions and Marcia's professional goal in life is to make a difference with heart and art. Educational and fun books for children, cancer support, grief support, and a variety of coloring books are available. More in the works for your enjoyment!

Marcia speaks at public events in person and online, and enjoys doing book signings. Lexi loves to come along.

Email her for info on speaking, media opportunities, and purchasing large quantities of books for cancer patients and elementary school classrooms.

We are always looking for new talent and book ideas!


One thing I remember is the sweet aroma of peanut butter cookies baking in the oven. My Mother could make the best! They were the old-fashioned kind made from scratch, formed into a roll, and put in the refrigerator to chill until the oven was ready. 

        Discover the perfect book for your heart and soul at!                             Our selection of books offer something for everyone, from children's books to Christmas stories,
cancer support resources, Alzheimer's support, and fun coloring books.
Let your heartstrings be moved and explore our collection today!

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