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Cancer patients support tips from a survivor: Stress, Finances, Uncertainty, and More! Warrior Stance, girls!

Updated: May 26

#1 Cancer Patient Support Tip


STRESS! You are overwhelmed! Battling cancer is obviously stressful, a challenge unlike anything you've ever faced. So any relief, big or small will be a much needed & deserved gift. The keyword is delegate. Yes, you feel responsible for keeping everything flowing but you have many things on your mind and need to work on getting treatments done; so ask for some well deserved help. Think about it. Almost any age can fold clothes, wash dishes, put them away and remember to take out the garbage. Even simple things off your mind is huge!

#2 Cancer Patient Support Tip

dog for cancer patient support

UNCERTAINTY! What next? The uncertainty that comes with cancer can really wear on you. There are so many different possible paths it gets confusing some times. From treatments, side effects, prognoses that change, healthcare needs, and so many more things that are unpredictable. Don't forget to take notes, journal, and find a person or two who can be a supportive. It'll make it a bit easier if you have some support or organization where you can, while the battle with cancer is so uncertain.

#3 Cancer Patient Support Tip

FINANCES! Co-Pays add up. Insurance doesn't cover everything for cancer patients. You are trying to hold your finances together as they burst at the seam. What do you do? Make a budget. Downsize whatever you can. Coupon!

finances for cancer patient support

You may be making less yet spending more because of illnesses like cancer. Hang in there!

If you need to ask for help from a close family member, church, or community services, don't be embarrassed. Everyone has their own dark night of the finances saga! And needing support financially during this fight with cancer is nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, when you get well you can pass that help forward to another person in need.

#4 Cancer Patient Support Tip

Loss of self-You can lose the real you in a long term illness like cancer.

You may have to give up a job, social life, travel, and social activities for a while. You do not have freedom to go where you want, when you want. Find the REAL you and don't settle for being a pin cushion! Keep laughing, it clears the air.

cancer patient support keep laughing

#5 Cancer Patient Support Tip

Loss of Dignity-So many things have been taken away from you. Basic things such as hair, keeping food down, and we may need an occasional depends to stay fresh. (Oh the things we have to do!)

Our social activities may be put on pause until we get through cancer treatments. That's Okay! We can have BIG party when we get well! Don't forget to smile.


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