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I Will Dance Across the Morning Sky

Grief and celebration of life book

I Will Dance Across
          the Morning Sky

A beautiful grief and celebration of life picture book for children and adults. Have you lost someone you love? Is your heart aching? Celebrate their life with a comforting poem by noted author, Marcia McGee Ashford, and inspiring, original art by Sudipita Dasgupta.

There comes a time in everyone's life that a close friend, relative or pet passes to the other side. Children and adults are in need of comfort. This book was created to inspire and raise the spirit of all who read it. Great imagery for children as well as adults. Where do we go? What do we do? Oh, imagine the fun we will have! As you read let your imagination soar!

I Will Dance Across the Morning Sky is a perfect keepsake gift to treasure to celebrate a life well lived, for those who have lost friends, loved ones, and their pet babies.

Coming Soon!!!

       Celebration of Life                      for Families  








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